Electronic Giving – Why not sign up?
Your generosity is a blessing to our parish and with your continued support we are able to grow our stewardship and spread God’s Word.

Please consider becoming an E-Giver. So many of us already do most of our financial transactions online; so why not support the parish in the same way?  Our parish can benefit from your generosity instantly through E-giving. You choose the amount and frequency of your contribution. You can use a debit card, credit card, checking or savings account, the choice is yours. In addition, you can make an offering at any time from the comfort of your own home without writing a check, and help reduce the parish cost of envelopes and mailing. With E-Giving, contributions stay more consistent and we don’t have to worry about vacations, blizzards or times we are away from the parish.
You will need your payment method, debit or credit card, checking or savings account and your envelope number. If you don’t know your envelope number please contact the office and we can provide that to you. Also, as soon as you become an e-giver please let the office know so that we can stop sending you envelopes.
When we have consistent giving then we have the strong foundation to continue to grow. 

To access or set up your e-giving account please  CLICK HERE

If you need instructions on how to set up your E-Giving account, please CLICK HERE

For questions about your E-Giving account, please call 1-877-771-3336