Marriage Prep

marriageMarriage Preparation for Engaged Couples

We are pleased to assist you as you prepare to celebrate the Mystery of God in the love you have for one another and the commitment you make to each other in the Sacrament of Marriage.


To Marry in the Parish:

  1. Contact the office for an initial appointment BEFORE you set the date
  2. Preparation is best done a year in advance
  3. In the event either party has been previously married, you must call the office before proceeding, even if previously married outside of the Catholic Church or if one or both parties were not Catholic
  4. You are encouraged to register in the parish
  5. Attend Marriage Preparation Program through Diocese of Richmond
  6. Attend Mass regularly

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get married outside? All weddings are celebrated inside the church.

Are there fees? Yes. Contact the parish office to receive the breakdown of fees based on your wedding plans.

Does the Church get the license? NO. You must go to the Clerk of Circuit Court to obtain the marriage license. The priest or deacon cannot perform ceremony without license.

For more information, contact the Parish Office.