Food Weekend/ Food Pantry


We collect food for the St. Gabriel Food Pantry and the Pantry at our sister parish of Good Samaritan the First Saturday/Sunday of the month during the masses. Please bring items for the parishes from the list below to mass or you can drop them by the parish office during office hours. We also welcome financial donations to the pantry that serves fellow parishioners and members of our greater community of Chesterfield.

Food Pantry List

This is a list of the items we stock in our food pantry.
We stock enough items each month
to provide for 16 families with 4 members each.

Items and quantities for 1 family of 4

2   large cans of juice/coffee/tea
1   box of cold cereal
1   box hot cereal
2   16 oz. cans of fruit
1   16 oz. jar peanut butter
1   16 oz. jar jelly
6   hearty soups
2   16 oz. beef stew
2   16 oz. can corn beef hash
2   16 oz. can meat chili
1   20 oz. cans or jars spaghetti sauce
1   16 oz. pkg. spaghetti noodles
2   8 oz. cans of tuna
1   can Spam, or treat meat
2   cans of chicken
1   small can ham
3   boxes macaroni & cheese
1   large box mashed potatoes
     or large box quick cooking rice
1   box complete meal (hamburger helper type mix)
1   box of crackers
2   16 oz. can corn
2   16 oz. can green beans
2   16 oz. can carrots
2   16 oz. can peas
2   16 oz. can pork and beans
1   jar of mayo
1   large box biscuit mix
1   box laundry soap
4   rolls of toilet tissue
1   12 oz. shampoo
2   bars of soap

We also provide each family with a $10 gift card from Food Lion to purchase:


Good Samaritan – Shopping List


Pancake Mix

Coffee – Regular

Condensed Milk (Evaporated)

Harina de maíz (Maseca)

Tomato Sauce

Wolfe Tomatoes (Stewed)



Frijoles – (Negro/rojo)

Azucar/sal seco


Corn – (Whole corn)

Adobo (Spice)

Vegetable Oil (Mazola)

Olive Oil

Salsa verde (Green tomatoes)

Pastas – Spaghetti