Migrant Ministry

This ministry serves the migrants nearby during the summer months through harvest. Bringing prayers, fellowship and support, the goal is to strengthen the connection of these men to their faith and our Catholic community. Interested? Contact the parish office or complete the ministry commitment form by CLICKING HERE.

Farewell Mass and Meal 2019

Mass and Picnic in May:



Imagine losing your hearing at age eight and waiting to age 75 to have it restored.  That is what happened with Mauro, a migrant worker at the Chesterfield Berry Farm, through the support of the migrant ministry of our parish.  Our team has helped supply items such as fans, slow cookers, hats, shirts, shoes, and even a large screen TV to the 13 workers who toil long hours from spring to fall in an effort to support their families in Mexico.  Spanish bibles and holy cards have also been distributed.

At one of the visits, it became known that Mauro was reading lips and had severe hearing loss.  With the help of parishioner Thomas Casey, a certified audiologist, and funds provided through a grant from the diocese, a reconditioned hearing aid was fitted and installed. Thom also provided several follow up visits to calibrate the device.  The smile and gratitude on Mauro’s face was thanks enough for those that witnessed the installation in our parish lobby.

The ministry currently has about a dozen active members, including two who are fluent in Spanish.  Past activities have included a picnic at the Berry Farm jointly attended by members and workers, transportation to medical appointments, and donations of needed personal items.  The primary goal is to first establish a trusting relationship with the workers, while being mindful and respectful of the objectives of the farm operators.  The monthly meetings of the ministry are open to guests, with the date and time published in the bulletin.  Questions may be addressed to the current chairman Jim Haug at [email protected] .



The Migrant Ministry is seeking a list of medical professionals willing to donate their services to help the migrants in our area. If you are interested in helping, please contact the parish office or email [email protected] .