Respect Life Ministry

St. Gabriel's Respect Life Ministry

Dedicated to protecting life from conception to natural death, this ministry provides opportunities for advocacy and tangible support of the vulnerable. From support to the Pregnancy Resource Center to hosting speakers on Respect Life Issues, this ministry seeks to keep the parish informed and involved in issues of human dignity within our community and the country. CLICK HERE if you are interested in joining. Fill in your identifying information, scroll down to Respect Life Ministry listed under Social Justice and click the box.  

Spiritual Adoption

The Respect Life Ministry invites you to participate in the Spiritual Adoption program—a nine-month program of prayers for unborn children. Please print the Spiritual Adoption Prayer, fill in a child's name, and place it somewhere in your home where you will see it often. Pray for the child over the next nine months. Thank you for your prayers for the unborn.

Spiritual Adoption Prayer: Oh my Jesus, by the intercession of Mary, Your Mother, who bore You so lovingly, and of St. Joseph, man of strong faith who protected you both, I pray to you for the life of _________________________, the unborn baby I have spiritually adopted. Please give to the parents of this child the grace and courage to bring him/her to birth and to the life you have planned.  AMEN

Month 6: “I'm sitting up straight now!”

The baby's oil and sweat glands are functioning; these help regulate body temperature. A white filmy layer covers the baby and protects her delicate skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid and from scratches as she twists and turns. This waxy substance will be quickly absorbed into her skin soon after she is born. She can now respond to sound. Her lungs are fairly well developed and she would stand a good chance of survival if born at this time.

Catholic Advance Medical Directives

When you or a loved one are facing difficult medical choices, you can feel very alone and very confused as to what is best to do and what is in keeping with the teachings of your faith. The Catholic Dioceses of Arlington and Richmond have a resource to help: “The Catholic Advance Medical Directives”-CLICK HERE to access. 

You also can contact the National Center for Bioethical Issues 24 hours a day/7 days a week for free consultation for specific, time-sensitive questions that cannot wait for regular business hours by calling (215) 877-2660. You will speak with a credentialed bioethicist who can share with you the Catholic principles for addressing an ethical dilemma involving health care or the life sciences.