Free Resources

FREE Resources include:

1. Diocese of Richmond Office of Worship

    - Resources for Families CLICK HERE


    - Covid-19 Prayers and Support CLICK HERE

    - Happiness, Suffering and the Meaning of Easter CLICK HERE

3. The University of Notre Dame, MCGrath Institute for Church Life is offering the following:

     - The Pillars of the Church CLICK HERE 

     - Saturdays with the Saints CLICK HERE

    - Teaching the Saints CLICK HERE

    - Discerning Your Spiritual Gifts CLICK HERE

4. Word on Fire with Bishop Barron: CLICK HERE 

5. Families Formation Opportunities from Bayard Faith Resources

6. Dynamic Catholic 

7.  Listen to Relevant Radio, bringing Christ to the world through media CLICK HERE

8. Ascension Press offering live stream Masses, bible studies and more CLICK HERE

9. Stations of the Cross on Youtube

     - for families CLICK HERE

     - With Bishop Barron CLICK HERE

     - Ascension Press CLICK HERE

     - For younger children CLICK HERE

10. Free Videos for Couples to cope with struggles during this time CLICK HERE

11. Apps for Phone

    - Vatican.va

   - USA Catholic Church (USCCB app)

   - Laudate - great resource for Liturgy of the Hours, rosary and stations of the cross along with so much more.

   -Verbum - great source for daily readings, pictoral lives of the saints, and many books that you can explore on this app.

   - Reimagining the Examen - great tool to help you reflect and examine your life in light of your faith.