Praying Hands

Praying Hands Ministry
Knit and Crochet for Those in Need

Praying Hands ministry members knit and crochet for those in need. All items are blessed and prayerfully given in times of joy and sorrow. Projects include baby blankets, prayer shawls and squares, hats, and lapghans. Items are donated to hospitals, parishioners, the military and homeless and community organizations so that they can feel the warm embrace of God’s love.  

To request a prayer shawl:
1. Contact the Parish office at 639-6712 or
2. Enter the name of the person needing a shawl in the prayer shawl book located in the commons area of the church.  

New ministry members are always welcome!

St. Gabriel’s Praying Hands ministry began in 2006 as a small group. Within a short time, it has grown into 50+ people who dedicate themselves to the creation of beautiful items that provide caring and comfort to those who receive them.  

The prayer shawl ministry is a national organization that began in New Haven, Connecticut. To learn more, visit the Prayer Shawl Ministry website.