Works of Mercy

Spiritual Work of Mercy: COMFORT THE SORROWFUL

Pray for families who have lost loved ones

Create an uplifting social media post every day for a week

Offer comfort by baking cookies, making a meal, or sending a card

Create encouraging yard signs and place in the yards of your neighborhood

Have a family Zoom session with someone who is struggling with loneliness or loss

Bible Verse to Reflect On: 1 Peter 5:5 – 11

Corporal Work of Mercy: FEED THE HUNGRY 

Donate food to a local food pantry

Pay for the person behind you in the drive-through

Send a surprise pizza to a teacher, nurse, or service worker

Bring meals to someone who is sick, recently had a baby, or an elderly neighbor

Make “Blessing Bags” for your car to hand out to those in need (healthy snacks & toiletries)

Bible Verse to Reflect On: Isaiah 58:10

Spiritual Work of Mercy: BEAR WRONGS PATIENTLY 

Be slow to anger and less judgmental of others around you

Go out of your way to show love for or get to know someone you may have judged in the past

Learn about the practice of Restorative Justice and how this can be used in your family, school, or workplace to resolve conflicts. Click here to read more.

Bible Verse to Reflect On:  Philippians 2:3-4

Corporal Work of Mercy: CLOTHE THE NAKED 

Crochet or knit hats for cancer patients

Make masks and put them in a “free” basket at your parish

Donate suitcases and duffle bags to foster care organizations

Donate clothes to those recently released from jail or prison

Clean out your closet and donate to an organization or a family in need

Collect baby items for mothers in need and donate to a local pregnancy resource center

Bible Verse to Reflect On: Ezekiel 18:16-18

Spiritual Work of Mercy: COUNSEL THE DOUBTFUL 

Donate time or money to local mental health organizations

Paint rocks with uplifting messages and leave them in parks near your home

Encourage someone to speak with a priest, counselor, or spiritual director

Say a rosary for those contemplating suicide or struggling with depression

Learn what legislation you can support that helps those with mental illnesses

Bible Verse to Reflect On:  John 14:27

Spiritual Work of Mercy: INSTRUCT THE IGNORANT 

Start a family Bible study

Commit to learning about a new Saint every day

Write about a social justice issue in your parish’s bulletin or local newspaper

Teach others about Catholic Social Teaching by posting one principle of CST daily on social media

Bible Verse to Reflect On: Timothy 3:16-17; 4:1-5

Corporal Work of Mercy: GIVE DRINK TO THE THIRSTY 

Purchase reusable water bottles and donate to a local school

Donate water to shelters, police/fire stations, or organizations collecting for an emergency situation

Leave a bottled drink and packaged snack on your porch for those that make deliveries to your home. Include a Bible verse or letter of encouragement.

Bible Verse to Reflect On: Isaiah 55:1


Give someone a second chance

Accept apologies with grace and kindness

Pray a rosary that victims of crimes and their families will forgive their offenders

Research Saint Maria Goretti and ask her to intercede for you if you are struggling to forgive someone

Bible Verse to Reflect On: Matthew 18:15-35

Corporal Work of Mercy: BURY THE DEAD 

Pick up trash at a local cemetery

Send cards and flowers to a grieving family

Make food for a family who has suffered a loss

Visit a gravesite to pray and put out flowers or flags

Donate to a cause that is special to a family who has lost a loved one

Help pay bills related to funeral expenses (cantor stipends, church donations, reception, etc.)

Bible Verse to Reflect On:  Tobit 1:16 – 22; 2:1-8

Spiritual Work of Mercy: ADMONISH THE SINNER 

Lead others towards the best choice in a situation

Kindly and privately talk to a person you have difficulties with to resolve the issue

Receive the sacrament of reconciliation and encourage a family or friend to join you

Remind others that little things add up. Gossiping or fighting with siblings are actions that pull us away from Christ.

Host a family discussion on the sin of racism using Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love – A Pastoral Letter Against Racism CLICK HERE to access.

Bible Verse to Reflect On: Luke 17:3

Corporal Work of Mercy: VISIT THE IMPRISONED

Donate to a local bail fund

Write letters to those who are incarcerated

Donate Bibles to your local jail, prison, or detention center

Write or call your representatives about issues related to incarceration, including state and federal executions, bails, and juvenile sentencing

Do a drive-by hello with signs and noisemakers for someone who is homebound

*Note: There can be many restrictions with sending items to jails, prisons, and detention centers. Check with your parish’s prison ministry group or the facility itself to learn what the rules are.

Bible Verse to Reflect On: Hebrews 13:1-3

Spiritual Work of Mercy: PRAY FOR THE LIVING AND THE DEAD 

Pray through journaling once a day by yourself or as a family

Make homemade rosaries and deliver to others with a prayer card

Attend Adoration or pray a Rosary, Chaplet, Holy Hour, or Novena for a marginalized community

Start a prayer group chat with friends and family members, lifting the prayers up at the end of each day

Bible Verse to Reflect On: John 17:24

Corporal Work of Mercy: VISIT THE SICK 

Plan a family or parish rosary for the sick and dying

Write get-well cards for patients at a local hospital

Plan a Zoom call with someone who is ill at home or in a hospital

Gift items for someone who is sick, such as books, board games, and snacks

Bible Verse to Reflect On: James 2:1-26

Corporal Work of Mercy: SHELTER THE HOMELESS

Donate or build items for Habitat for Humanity homes

Donate to an organization that helps find homes for returning citizens

Donate furniture to refugee families or migrant farm worker residences

Use plastic bags to crochet plastic sleeping mats for the homeless. Click here for instructions.

Bible Verse to Reflect On: Deuteronomy 15:10-11