Migrant Ministry


The Migrant Ministry is seeking a list of medical professionals willing to donate their services to help the migrants in our area. If you are interested in helping, please contact the parish office or email lisa.gorton@saintgabriel.org .

See what Migrant Ministry is doing!

This ministry serves the migrants in Amelia during the summer months through harvest. Bringing prayers, fellowship and support, the goal is to strengthen the connection of these men to their faith and our Catholic community. Interested? Contact the parish office or complete the ministry commitment form by CLICKING HERE.

FOR EXAMPLE: In May members of the Migrant Ministry, Susie Bravo and Elena Bostwick visit workers at the Chesterfield Berry Farm while Susie and Fred Bravo brought donations from the parish, including a slow cooker.

Last July - a picnic for the migrants in Amelia.