E-Giving--Getting Started


When you set up an E-Giving account and payment schedule, the details are not reported to the parish.  Also, the parish cannot view your details.  Please contact the parish office by either calling, 639-6712, or e-mail, stgabrielemail@saintgabriel.org, to let us know that you have set up an account so that we can stop mailing out your envelopes.


What you will need to set up your account:

  1.  Your debit or credit card, or
  2. Your checking or saving account routing and account number
  3. Your parish envelope number: if you don’t know it you can call the parish office for it, 639-6712.


From the E-Giving Login page, go to the Register Now screen (right side of the page):

  • In case they ask for the organization zip code, its 23832.


  • Fill in the member sign up screen where you will create your personal profile including your Username and Password.  This is private information and the parish is not informed of it and cannot access it.  Please write down your username and password and keep it in a safe place.


  • From the Main Menu, go to Donate Now.
  • Under “Your Parish Financial Support” set up your regular contributions for any or all of the following funds:
    1.  Regular Offertory
    2. Debt Reduction
    3. Social Concerns
    4. Catholic Virginian
    5. Christmas
    6. Easter

    For those funds you are not contributing to, just leave it blank.


    • Under “Transaction Type”, indicate whether you want contributions to be made on a recurring basis or not.


    • Under “Scheduled Options” choose the frequency of your contributions and a start and end date.  You can choose “Until I cancel it” so that you don’t have to back in each year to change it. 


    • Select your payment method, debit card, credit card, or bank account.



  • To set up the account, CLICK HERE
  • At anytime, for questions about your E-Giving account itself, please call 1-877-771-3336