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"Being blessed with the gift of faith and as members of the Catholic Church our Lord Jesus Himself tells us to spread the Good News. One way we share the Good News is by investing in our parish because it is here that many people turn to be fed. Our spiritual home should be active, vibrant and alive with the love of our Lord Jesus. We must have a spiritual home that can meet the spiritual needs of the many different types of people who will walk through our doors." -- John Christiansen, Chair of Pastoral Council, co-facilitator of Financial Peace University
Why we need to hear from everyone:
  • Every person matters... know that even if you can't give right now, we want to hear from you.
  • Plan for the future... with a clear picture of the projected giving we can plan programs and growth to keep ministries healthy
  • We can make the case that we can support expansion
  • Note: If you are unable to currently make a financial commitment at this time, please fill out the form and pray for the continued growth of the parish. Remember your prayerful support, personal presence and participation are valuable gifts to the parish.
Are You an E-Giver?
  • First THANK-YOU!
  • Second, if you changed your giving on the E-Giving site please, STILL fill out the  commitment form below. E-giving doesn’t notify us of changes so we will only know of your changed commitment over time.
  • If you did fill out the commitment form, don’t forget to change your E-Giving! Only you can make changes to amounts in what you give on the protected site.
  • And if you aren’t changing your giving – please STILL let us know your commitment for the year so we can factor that in our planning for the future!

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"As I look around the local vicinity, I see rapid growth in both the commercial and residential sectors, with over 5,000 new homes being planned in the next few years. We have the capacity to welcome many new neighbors to our parish community. To show ourselves and the diocese that we have the will and desire to someday support a capital campaign, we must first reach a level of positive sustainment. Now is the time to take action and to be true to our responsibility as a member of this wonderful faith community!" - Jim Haug

Please complete the commitment form below. Thank-you!

St. Gabriel Parish Financial Stewardship Commitment Card

OFFERTORY contributions should be the source of income for the work of the parish.
BUILDING and GROWTH Fund contributions help position the parish for the future.


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100% of your commitment will go to the parish!

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