Dedicate yourself to prayer this week for those in need in honor of our Diocesan Patron, St. Vincent de Paul.

Prayer of action and prayer of word

Note: We also really want to capture your experience during this Faith in Action  so PLEASE post on our parish Facebook page by CLICKING HERE, or send a brief story of your household’s contribution and photos if possible to [email protected] so we can feature them on our website.


Discuss with your household and commit to one or more of these outreach opportunities this week:

Our Faith in Action Project:

Since our church property was built, we have hosted the homeless through the CARITAS program providing shelter, meals, laundry, prayer, and fellowship and so much more. This Fall, CARITAS is opening its new center that has 47 apartments in the facility and hosting the homeless on-site at the parish is no longer needed. But we are still needed! There are still great ways to help at home:

Build a Kit: Together with your family and fellow parishioners you can create one of these kits to set program participants up for success

  1. Welcome Home Kits: includes household cleaning items used by clients served at the CARITAS Furniture Bank as they transition from crisis into a permanent home.
  2. Hygiene Kits: includes general self-care items including razors and shampoo. These are used by men and women served by the CARITAS Shelter and the Healing Place.
  3. Workforce Development Kits: includes shoe polish, travel bags, razors and more. Men in the CARITAS Works class use them as they learn job and life skills.

Provide a Meal: This is a contact-free volunteer opportunity to provide meals to women in the shelter program. They need 28 $10-20 gift cards to Kroger or a donation of $210-420 per meal dependent on the meal you choose to help provide. The gift cards are dropped off at the no-contact location: The Healing Place, 700 Dinwiddie Ave. in the mailbox outside with attention: Jenn Patterson, Women’s Shelter and include your full name and return address info. You do need to sign up at the website.

Build a Table: The CARITAS Furniture Bank does not receive sufficient donations of dressers, kitchen tables or beds. You can help fill this gap through the comfort of your own home. Visit:

NOTE: if you have questions please reach out to the Director of Community Engagement: Tiffany Terry at [email protected] and you can sign up by visiting


Consider the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and ways to put them into action by CLICKING HERE

Also, check out our website page on the many other ways to reach out to others by CLICKING HERE



Each day take a moment and have your household pray together for these Social Justice Needs by CLICKING HERE