Blessing Bags-January 2022

Be a Blessing During our Blessing Bag Collection in January

Wings (Women in God’s Spirit) is partnering with GIFTS (Growing in Faith Together Spiritually)

to create Blessing Bags for the following organizations:

Richmond Friends of the Homeless

Caritas – The Healing Place for Women

Auburn Hill Senior Living Memory Care Unit

We would love to have your help to make these Blessing Bags  a blessing from the entire community!

To do so please select from the following items and bring your donations to the bin located at the Adult Formation Table in the Commons from Jan. 1 – Jan. 31:

CARITAS – The Healing Place for Women are seeking

Chapstick, shower shoes, small flashlights with batteries, pens, journals, pocket monthly/weekly day planners; puzzle books, adult coloring books and crayons, nail polish, emery boards, nail polish remover packets

Auburn Hill Senior Living Memory Care Unit (men and    women) are seeking Hershey’s kisses, eyeglass chains, puzzle/activity book designed for those with memory loss, reading books designed for those with memory loss, small prayer books, small room decorations, nail polish and emery boards

Richmond Friends of the Homeless (men and women) are seeking:

Toiletries: Washcloth and hand towel, bar soap, travel size shampoo, toothbrush, cover, toothpaste, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, women’s feminine items, hand lotion, hairbrush or comb, nail clippers, individually wrapped rolls of toilet tissue, baby wipes, wet wipes, nail polish, nail polish remover, Q-tips

Food Items: Fruit cups, cracker packs, tuna snack packs, small canned meals or soup with a pop-top, nut packs, juice boxes, hot cocoa or spiced cider mixes, water bottles, candy, water bottles, soft granola bars or energy bars, beef jerky, Slim Jim’s, Vienna sausage cans, fruit packs

General: Tissue packs, rain poncho, hand/foot warmer, go packs of Tylenol or aspirin, Chapstick, notepad and pen, puzzle books, card games, small prayer books, small flashlight with batteries. Questions? Contact Lisa Gorton at 804-639-6712.