20th Anniversary



The St. Gabriel Statue, our 20th anniversary gift to the parish!

Thanks to your generosity we have met our goal and the St. Gabriel's Statue is paid!



















To Meet Your Parish Family!

If you just ate at a great restaurant, you’d let friends and family know, wouldn’t you? You might even post a selfie there on Facebook. Let’s do the same at the parish!

Stats show the best promotion for any organization or product is to recommend it to another. No Facebook page, speaker, website or bulletin can match YOUR ability to draw others to the parish.

So as we celebrate the past 20 years of St. Gabriel’s we are asking you to Invite5 to your parish and let’s watch it grow! Over the course of the next year – reach out to at least 5 people and invite them to an event, to mass and dinner or brunch with you, to a prayer service, Eucharistic adoration or to one of the many formation opportunities the parish offers. There is a magnet to put on your fridge to help you remember at the Adult Formation Table in the Commons. Be sure to pick up one... or two... or more!

Again stats show if you ask 5 - at least one will say yes. And you will be doing your part to grow disciples… to share with others what you have found here… a community to call home, to help you celebrate the sacramental moments and to be your parish family.

CLICK HERE for tools on how to Invite5 then spread the word and watch us grow!